Blue Streak & Emergent Offloading

Making a plane is an enormous task and only the best companies can even begin to tackle this undertaking. We’ve come a long way since the Wright Brothers strapped their plane together and flew it down the beach. However, today the team effort of making a plane involves layer upon layer of suppliers. All of these companies and people work together to make these state-of-the-art machines.

Because of how many people and suppliers are involved in the making of a plane, issues are almost always guaranteed to arise. These issues include part shortages that threaten to stop your production line. This might be a supply chain manager’s worst nightmare . . .

AND, it’s not a matter of “IF,” it’s a matter of “WHEN.”

Add Jacob Grey to your supply chain as a strategic sourcing partner to help solve these issues. Jacob Grey will make any parts that have been depleted or in low supply. Because Jacob Grey is an OEM supplier, be assured that the parts are reliable and, made to your specifications.

Jacob Grey will help keep your production lines moving.